Ramses 2

Ramses 2 was one of the most powerful and influential pharaohs of Egypt. He was born in 1303 BC and died around 1213 BC, he was about 90 years of age. His parents were Tuya, mother, and Seti 1, father. Ramses’s spouse was Nefertari and they lived in the New Kingdom/ 19th dynasty.  King Ramses was the 3rd ruler of the 19th dynasty and he took the throne in his early twenties around 1279 BC. Although he was one of the greatest ruler, his greatest achievements is his architecture.  For example the temples of Abu Simble. They were built to commemorate his wife Nefertari.

Ramses 2 was also known greatly for his military strengths. In his army he had  about 100,000 men strong.  His most famous battle was The Battle of Kadesh when he fought the Hittities, which was the largest the chariots battle ever. In that battle Ramses had to retreat on account of logistic difficulties. Soon after they mad peace treaties it helped to solidify Egypt on all sides allowing to increase stability. They were completed the first 20 years of Ramses reign.

After 30 years of being king, Ramses 2 finally celebrated the Sed Festival. in which he was turned from a king into a God. Since the people worshiped Ramses 2 like a God, it made sure that no one would even threaten to take the throne from his son. Ramses 2 was buried in the Valley of Kings, but had to be replaced because of possible looting. After that he was moved near Deir El- Bahri. In 1881 his body was found and moved to Cairo’s Egyptian Museum.

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