Ramses 2 (Battle of Kadesh)

The Battle of Kadesh took place in the Spring of 5th year of Ramses 2 reign. The Hittities wanted to bring Amurru back to them, the Egyptians had other plans. They wanted to keep their new vassal.  During the battle the Egyptians used Karkemesh as a battle base, while the Hittities wanted to use Kadesh as an opperation. Ramses 2’s army was mostly made up of Egyptians but there were some Nubian contingents and some Sherden mercenaries. Ramses 2 army possibly consisted of about 5000 footmen and four divisions of 20,000.

The Hittities had about 37,000 footmen and 3500 chariots hiding in the tell of Kedash. Although, Ramses 2 heard rumors that they were still somewhere near Haleb. While Amen was setting up their camp, they were attached by 2500 Hittities chariots in two waves of  Re divisions. The other two divisions where still by Sabtuna. The Hittities killed all the Amen and being to pillage the Egyptian camps. At that point Ramses 2 look completely lost.

Luckly at this time a force known as Nearin arrived and drove out the Hittities. Muwatalli sent about 1000 chariots led by Aleppo and Karkhemish, but kept most of the infantry to himself on the other side of the river. The Hittities escaped being surrounded by the Egyptians by going towards Kadesh. After hearing a message from Muwatalli, Ramses descided to retreat. He chose to go through Upe the region of Damescus.

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