Ramses 2- Family

Ramses 2 probably had one of the largest families consisting of 50 sons, 50 daughters and many wives. In most cases though he might have sired children they he has never known about. The first woman Ramses was ever involved with,was actually his  mother. After the death of Seti 1, Nefertari took the position of Queen and his mother took the position of Ramses mother.  Since Ramses was born of such an important mother, he changed the tale of his birth so that people would believe that he was born from the god Amun.His mother soon died after his 22nd year as a ruler and she was buried in the Valley of the Queens.

Most of the women tha he had children with, he never even met. The women he married were called consort because of the lack of a specific religious celebration of marriage. The ideal wives of Kings were often half or full blood sisters of royal blood. This ment that they kept outsiders far from the royal family and they had a limited number of children to inherit the thrown. The women of the family were never allowed to marry under them which lowered the potential number of grooms so they usually ended up to be brothers or maybe even fathers. The Princesses were even denied foreign royalty.

Ramses 2’s chief wife , Nefertari, was the daughter or at least related to King Ay. Other wives that Ramses had been Istnofret, Bent’anta, Merit-Amun, and others. They were all his daughters also. But, Nefertari was the highest woman, she even held some power over him. It was probably love but no one knows. We do know she had power over him though because of the temple at Abu Simbel and her wonderful tomb in The Valley of the Queens. Even with all these great things she was a dutiful wife that supported her husband and gained many high titles in their reign.

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