Ramses 2- Military

Ramses 2’s contact with his neighbors were almost always on the battle field. As his troops might have been nervous, the great King led them again and again without fear into battle. In most times he stood alone in a 2 person chariot fighting to the death. We would always sacrifice his enemy to the great glory of Egypt and their Gods. These enemies often included Nubians, Libyans, and Asiatics. He would make them suffer by attacking even when they weren’t a threat.

The great pharaoh always won his battles and his enemies would grovel at his feet.  As you may think the King wasn’t as good of a leader as he was a frontline soldier, but he did have good campaigns and Ramses 2 extended Egypt’s territory, even in southern Syria. Egypt had walls that bordered it and it was a very religious place that was for the Gods. The King had protected it from a fairly early age and he was trained well in the art of warfare by his father. As he grew older Seti 1 placed him in various military actions.

With all this skill though, he put it all towards the East and for good reason too. Since Nubia was practically part of Egypt on the West there was nothing to gain from that side. To the Southern area was Syria and there was little to be gained from there. During his father’s life, Seti 1 did gain a lot of land, even as far as Kadesh. Most of it was lost though by the time of his death so the King had to gain it all back. As early as the 4th year that he reigned he gained all the land back. Ramses 2 was a very succesful military leader, warrior, and king.

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